Vassily Fyodor Bianchi (AKA master fang)
Master fang


Vassily Fyodor Bianchi

Also known as

Master Fang


24 febuary 2672







special powers

enter difrent realitys and travel to diffrent relms

Vassily Fyodor Bianchi was once a well known mafia leader until the dark times and he was hunted down becuse of his power to become a mutant leader. he then became one of the most ruthless mutants known and had only ever been defeted once by Stormman after he attacked him then left him for dead, the goddess of power gave him the power of weather manlipulation and stormman took revenge and hunted him down. Vassily hid during the times of the hunt and was descoved by negitve shield a possessed hero who helped vassily untill the demon ahohap returned his mind by using a purple potion. Vassily escaped from negitive shield who had been about to attack by traveling to a diffrent reality. vassily was then killed by the great mage.

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